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We offer silver ornaments and silver articles for personal use in large assortment in our Gallery in Falk Miksa Street (Budapest, District V.), which was open in 2007.
Our main sections are compiling and restore old silver canteens of cutlery. We assume procuration of supplement to incomplete canteens of cutlery or to compile optional size or type canteens of cutlery.

We offer the goods in their original, polished, perfect kilter.

For easy storage and for your satisfaction you can find in our shop old, restored and new canteens of cutlery made of wood or paper with new or old lining.

Before marketing we charge a professional goldsmith to verify our silver objects's quality, age and silver content every time. We assume retroactively guarantee for originality and for the represented silver content of the silver goods we sell.

We purchase silver items and scrap silver with cash throughout the year at the current price.

Our store

Budapest, District V., Falk Miksa utca 24-26

Our colleagues

Sándor Fábián

Valuer of works of art and paintings

Melinda Novák

Sales manager

Dóra Szaniszló

Art historian

Our gallery at Antik enteriõr in 2006

Our gallery at Art Fair in 2008

Our gallery at Art Fair in 2009

designed by Melinda Novák (with the assistance of Katalin Éva Varga and Ágnes Kozák)